Us Bank Account For Non Residents



Why would you need a US bank account if you are not US rezident ?
If you are engaged in IM(internet marketing) and you are not a US citizen, getting payed can be very difficult. Many US companies allow you to get payed via Paypal, but some do not. If getting payed via Paypal is possible, you must then transmit these funds from Paypal to your credit card. Therefore you must have a credit card that is supported on Paypal, which can be almost impossible in some countries, especially if you are a student or don’t have a monthly income. Some companies don’t even support Paypal.
If that’s the case, you must travel to US to open a bank account at one of the local branches of the american banks. That’s because after 9/11 Patrioct Act demands that every non US citizen must be physically present at the bank when opening a US bank account.
If you can afford travel to US, you must add up costs of hotel and the possibility exists even then that your bank account doesn’t get approved.

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