Us Bank Account For Non Us

I quit my job in 2010 and was searching for a job that would allow me to have more freedom than a regular job. In summer 2011 I started publishing books on Kindle Desktop Publishing platform. Because I am from Slovenia (European country) , the only way of getting payed for the books I sold in the US is by check. A payment is carried out 60 days after the end of the month in which the sales have been made. At that time Amazon sends me a check in the mail. I carry this check to my local bank in Slovenia and have to wait for the check to clear. After some time( depending on the bank) the bank transfers funds to my personal account. They charge of course a commission, which again vary depending on the bank. Entire procedure takes some time, it can be months, so I searched for a better solution.

Start a company

First solution is to start a company in the US. The company has of course its own US bank account that you can use to get our income payed. With your company credit card you can withdraw money at ATMs across the globe.Also if your company is LLC based in Delaware, you don’t have to pay taxes! However creating a company in the US is not cheap, you must pay a middle man, there are also annual costs of running a company.


Get a virtual US account

Other solution is actually still rather new. A company named Payoneer offers a prepayed Mastercard US credit card. You can pay with this card on points of sale and withdraw money from ATMs across the globe. After you get a Payoneer credit card they invite you to the program called “US Payment Service” which is actually a virtual US bank account. You can’t transfer money from this account(pay bills for instance), the only purpose of it is to get payments( from certain companies), and the money is automatically transferred to your Payoneer credit card. Read more about it HERE


In my opinion the best choice is Payoneer Mastercard credit card, especially if you don’t have money to spare and you don’t have any income yet. But when you start to earn large sums of money it’s better to start a company.
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