Virtual Us Bank Account

Get a virtual US account

Other solution is actually still rather new. A company named Payoneer offers a prepayed Mastercard US credit card. You can pay with this card on points of sale and withdraw money from ATMs across the globe. After you get a Payoneer credit card they invite you to the program called “US Payment Service” which is actually a virtual US bank account. You can’t transfer money from this account(pay bills for instance), the only purpose of it is to get payments( from certain companies), and the money is automatically transferred to your Payoneer credit card.

What companies are supported ?

US corporations that you can receive funds from :
ValueClick Inc.
LinkShare Corp.
PayPal Inc.
Yahoo Inc.
Facebook Inc
Aol Inc.
Alamy Inc.
Apple Inc.
Bright Market LLC
Digital River Inc.
E-Trade Financial
Getty Images Inc.
Google AdMob
Google Checkout Inc.
Intel Corporation
Digital River SWReg
LinkedIn Corporation
LSI Corporation
Microsoft Corp.
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